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OFFROAD: DEAD PLANET is an offroading physics game.

Complex suspensions, vehicle damage and deforming, terrain modification with ruts and tracks, deforming tires over rocks, a driver that's fully physically simulated, trash to pick up and robots that try to murder you all while carving your own paths across a nearly dead, dystopian earth.

Key Features
Rock Crawling
Tactically navigate rough terrain filled with rocks, trees, logs and abandoned structures. Try to find the best line to climb, often with many choices of both route and vehicle. Balance careful planning with split second decisions while learning the unique physics of each vehicle. Tires squishing against hard surfaces, suspensions scraping against rocks and the friction of your wheels against each surface contribute to the vehicle's ability to climb.
Explore, Transport, Build
Explore the plateues of a post apocalyptic world, far above the thick toxic fog. Complete missions like powering signal towers, jump starting solar panel arrays and activating generators. In the process, find the best methods to transport materials like logs, paneling, metal plates and supports to build and repair everything from bridges and camps to cabins, gardens and pollinator stations.
Dynamic Ground
Terrain reacts to your vehicle and the changes remain. Mud gets ruts in it, sand gets pushed aside or compressed, grass gets torn up eventually creating soft muddy ground. Various types of terrain each have different influences on your driving so as you modify the terrain you'll need to adapt. Careful navigating up a hill of grass or you'll end up sliding on the mud underneath while struggling to get over ruts you've dug with your tires. Or use the dynamic terrain to your advantage by driving the same routes over deep sandy terrain, clearing away that top layer to create solid, packed down, stable paths.
Helping People & Saving The Environment
Arriving on an earth full of people mostly left behind by the space faring society, you'll be helping characters with all sorts of varying needs, goals and beliefs - the only common denominator is a need for some driving assistance! But with a planet on the brink of death, you'll soon realize the need to help nature begin to recultivate itself. As you do, learn what forces are behind the destruction of Earth's ecosystems and save the planet .. starting with one pile of litter and planted seed at a time.
Vehicle Physics
The vehicles all have unique suspension setups, allowing variation in axle tilt, spring, dampening, angle and resilience. The steering mechanisms are simulated fully as well, meaning when you hit a rock hard at a bad angle or grind your steer rack against something, you'll feel the mechanism react. You'll need to manage the harshness of your driving as the engine, transmission, chassis, steering, tires and brakes of the vehicles are all fully damageable. Not only do they have mechanical effects but they'll bend, break, hang off and spark. Upgrade vehicles over time and learn their unique strengths and weaknesses as you conquer the large variation of challenges!
Physically Deforming Tires
The tires squish, bend, pop and grip to various surfaces differently. They are simulated as complete soft body objects, allowing for them to grip around objects, the sides of the tires to press against surfaces and their shape to be fully responsive in all situations as you drive up cliffs, over rocks, or through water and mud. They can be damaged if pushed too hard, deflate or even be destroyed entirely. Different tire's tread depths determine the ratio of friction between smooth and rough surfaces, allowing some tires to be better suited for concrete or asphalt while others produce the most friction while ripping through mud, rock, grass and dirt.
Reactive Driver
The driver is always simulated fully with physics, flexing their muscles to stay in position and hold on to that steering wheel. They have an air level as they breathe in and out, a heart rate that elevates as you drive more quickly or they're shaken around and can even be knocked unconscious with a hard enough impact to their head. A fast heart rate will make your driver tense up to better hang on as you drive quickly. As long as you have one hand on the steering wheel, you'll be able to drive your vehicle. Because of Bio-Printing limitations, your driver will die if they fall from the vehicle, so do everything you can to hang on!
Time Trials
Test your abilities in the extremes, driving as fast as possible and executing the perfect lap. Push the vehicles, and yourself, to the limits of ability to get the fastest time in time trial areas. Cut optimal routes through the terrain and perfect your timing to get the fastest line and unlock rewards.
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